Scheduling a Clinic

Teaching has always been a passion of mine and my goal is to further the communication and understanding between horse and rider. A lot of frustration for horse and rider comes from the wrong use of aids, as well as wrong timing. Most often, that leads to riders using sharper bits and training devices, like draw reins or, worse yet, drugs, to try and manage the horse. In a correctly understood and executed training program, there is absolutely no need for such sharp measures, nor is it considered ethical or horseman-like conduct. 

I am available for 2 and 3 day clinics, with extra days for private sessions if needed. Please contact me at 703-851-6329 for scheduling and pricing. 

I make one spot in the clinic available to any rider who might not have the means to pay for the clinic dues, but has the desire, passion, discipline, and work ethic it takes to get ahead in this sport. 

If you are interested in scheduling a clinic, please feel free to contact any of my references:

Shannon Hendrickson at Signature West Farm:
Jennifer Flanagan:
Catherine Milton:
Amy Hazard at Otter Creek Farm:
Becky Rose at Ampersand Farm:
Amelia Cueva at

Also visit my
Juliana Zunde Lessons and Clinic Facebook page to learn more about my clinics, as well as read testimonials.